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When you obtain a purchase from our store, as part of our buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you provide to us, such as your name, address and email address.


When you browse our store, we also automatically receive the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of your computer, which allows us to obtain more details about the browser and operating system you are using.


Email Marketing (if applicable): With your permission, we agree to send you emails about our store, new products and other updates.




Do you comment on my consent?


When you provide us with your personal information to complete a transaction, verify your delivery card, place an order, schedule a credit or return a purchase, we assume that you consent to our collecting your information and using it for our purposes. this end only.


If we ask you to provide another reason, such as personal marketing information, we either require your express consent directly, or we give you the opportunity to decline.


How can I withdraw my consent?


If after we have had your consent, you change your mind and do not give your consent to contact you, your information or communicate it, you can notify by contacting us at

Payment Methods
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